The Power of Voice: Building Genuine Connections in a Digital World

The Power of Voice: Building Genuine Connections in a Digital World In today's digital age, where swiping left or right has become the norm, finding genuine connections can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But what if I told you that the key to forging real relationships lies not in endless messaging or superficial profiles, but in the power of voice?

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Finding love in the modern world

Hey everyone, Me again. Finding love in today's world is no walk in the park. It's more like a winding road filled with dead-end matches, ghosting, and those dreaded "hey" conversations that go absolutely nowhere. Sound familiar?

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Win a dream date with Hannah: Meet our Michelin star competition winner!

We challenged our members to refer friends, and the top referrer snagged phone date with other top referrers and an exquisite dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant—all on us. The response? Astounding. And the winner? Meet 31-year-old Hannah, who racked up an impressive 11 verified sign-ups!

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Why hati is not your average dating app?

Hey strangers! In the latest Re-Tribe talks, discover how Zaahirah Adam is combatting dating app burnout with Hati, where authentic connections flourish and ghosting becomes a thing of the past.

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Mental health: Why ghosting is banned on my dating app

Frustrated by the current state of dating apps and their impact on mental health, Zaahirah Adam has created her own app, hati, which aims to prioritize clear communication and discourage harmful behaviors like ghosting.

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Ghosting is causing a mental health crisis. On my dating app it’s banned

Hello strangers! Exciting news — our latest blog has just been published on Metro UK. Dive in to discover how Hati is revolutionizing the dating game, promoting genuine connections, and tackling the ghosting issue head-on.

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Welcome to hati: Where Dating Gets a Human Touch

Hey fellow singletons! Welcome to our first-ever blog post, the place we are going to talk all about the highs, the lows and the WTF's of dating today and why we believe it's time for a dating revolution.

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